Thursday, 12 June 2014

Small and Growing: A Law Blog for Growing Companies

Welcome to Small and Growing, a California law blog for small to medium sized companies facing the threat of litigation. This blog aims to help explain the legal process when your company is sued or when you are forced to use the courts to enforce your rights.  While litigation can often be avoided with proper planning and a good dose of business sense, even the best planning and business sense cannot stop some litigation.  Inevitably, contracts get broken, disgruntled employees sue, clients refuse to pay, etc.

If you have never been in court or even if you have seen a few lawsuits, this blog is for you.  Use it to get informed, discuss, and ask questions about the often maligned and at times misunderstood world of business litigation– its tactics, purpose, and their ultimate effect on your business.

As an attorney in the Silicon Valley and San Francisco Bay area, I will also attempt to address news about federal, state, and local laws and ordinances that affect litigation for local small and growing businesses.

If you have questions or wish to suggest future topics for the blog, feel free to contact me.